Red Ranger Red Bear Cat
a.k.a. Bear
at 10 weeks old

Bear at 7 years

Bear and his brother Tiger at 18 months of age

Bear at 1 year

Morgan's Red Bear
Bear and Tiger's Grand Sire at 10 years old

~Red Ranger Red Bear Cat DNA-VIP~
Blevins' Red Bear's Butch DNA-P  Morgan's Red Bear DNA-P  Wilder's Red Bruiser 'PR' Wilders Geronimo II
'PR' Spacy's Taxi
'PR'Sitze's Red Scarlet 'PR' Yeargain's Red Gator
'PR'Sitzes' Red Special
Morgan's Geronimo Girl Morgan's Red Bear DNA-P Wilder's Red Bruiser
Sitze's Red Scarlet
Sarona Bull Frisky Nolan's Bull
Sarona Dixie Spice
'PR'Red Ranger Firewater DNA-VIP  'PR' Hardy's Hydro DNA-P 'PR'Wilder's Red Bruiser  'PR'Wilders Geronimo II
'PR' Spacy's Taxi
'PR'Sitze's Red Scarlet 'PR' Yeargain's Red Gator 
'PR' Sitzes' Red Special
'PR'Red Ranger Flashfire DNA-VIP  'PR'Gutierrez's Red Zentoro DNA-P 'PR' David's Red Rambo 
'PR'Gutierrez's Red Amber 
'PR'Red Ranger Red Wild Fire DNA-P  'PR'Wood's Redlines Red Destroyer 
'PR'Wood's Wilder Miss X 

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